Malaysia – Second Stop

My next stop planned after Sri Lanka is Malaysia where I am meeting Lili to share 10days of holidays! 
I first spent 3 days in Kuala Lumpur with Anna & Sebastian as it was their next destination as well. 

Wewpid-wp-1445215249325.jpg went to see the Petronas Tower, the Botanical gardens, Chinatown and to eat some very good food. We also had a night out as it was ladies night so free drinks for ladies all night 🙂
On the day Lili arrived we went to visit the Batu caves and to see the Petronas by night. 
The following day we went by bus and boat to the Taman Negara Park which is the oldest rainforest on earth (135 millions years old).

wpid-wp-1445352562803.jpgThere we slept in the Durian Chalet and did a night walk where we saw a scorpion, snakes, spider and heard amazing jungle noises thanks to our lovely guide Nizam. We also did a Canopy walk at 10meters high and went to visit an Aborigines village.

IMG_20151022_092403After the Jungle we decided to go to the beach and decided to go to Pangkor Island. There we went kayaking, snorkeling and rented scooter to drive around the island. We stayed in Naziri Nipah Camp and I would totally recommend if you want a chill out place!

wpid-wp-1445945786393.jpgBefore going back to Kuala Lumpur we stopped in Taiping to enjoy the food market and the lake gardens. Vietnam is now my next destination!

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